We rent Sea Notes for weekly rentals, typically from April through the end of November. Our rental management company is Sun Realty, the largest and probably one of the oldest rental companies on the Outer Banks. The house is rented as #110-A (click here to go to the rental page).

If you are someone who has rented the house we would very much like to hear your comments about your stay and about anything you would like to see changed or added. It would also be very useful to know more about the demographics of the people renting the house (where you are from, how many of you are there, what are the age groups, what are you interests in the house, etc.).

Please check out the sub-pages to this page to find out more about the description, amenities, and procedures of the house. There is also a page that provides instructions (in PDF) for a variety of the electronics and other equipment in the house in case the hard copies are missing from the house.